Expatriate Lifestyle Review of When All the Lights Are Stripped Away

A winning attempt for a first book. The author tangles us in a web of the joys and hardships of a feudalistic Malayalee family institution, shattered by revelations and misfortunes. Nair’s protagonist, Anil, displays depth of character, constructed through vivid and lyrical description and nuances of ‘Malaysianism’. Other character development, those of Acha and Amma, are layered with the complexities of human nature and culture.

Expatriate Lifestyle


Malaysiakini review of When All the Lights Are Stripped Away

Below is an interesting review of the book. It focuses on its political dimensions and the issue of race and religion in Malaysia, although these are meant to provide a sharp and contemporary backdrop in the novel for the exploration of the main themes of legacy and inheritance.

Race and religion are very thorny subjects in Malaysia,  and the boundaries of discussion when talking about them are circumscribed bythe  law and the constitution.

Follow the dicussion below the review and you will see what I mean.

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